Watch this selection of videos to see what we’re capable of and to find out how we continuously raise the bar for prototyping and low-volume production.

Fiber Laser Machinery

We are leading the fiber laser revolution thanks to our 3-Axis and 5-Axis machines.. Whether it’s functional prototypes, bridge tooling, or low-volume production, we’ll get you what you need FAST.

Manufacturing Marvels

Learn about the history, capabilities, focuses, technology, and specialties of 3Dimensional Services Group. Functional prototypes. Lower-volume production. Tooling needs. Recall parts. Quick-turnarounds.


Lightweighting means reducing mass and consolidating parts. Our flexible tooling solutions include integrating parts, reducing design complexity, and design changes.

Low-Volume Production

We are the experts in low-volume production. Whether it’s 10, 100, or 10,000 parts we can meet your needs. We deliver high-quality parts for short-runs – 70% faster than industry standards.

Facility Tour

Prototype. Production. Proven. Take a 30-second tour of our facility from above, courtesy of our resident drone’s on-board camera.

What if . . . ?

What if you needed a proven flexible manufacturer? What if you needed that edge in product development? We’re here when “what if” happens.

Welding & Metal Fabricating

We used seven manufacturing processes, including welding and metal fabrication, to produce 2,000 TurfBox pallet systems in three months.

Custom Tooling & CNC Machining

We used five manufacturing processes, including custom tooling & CNC machining, to produce a 12-part auto assembly tool in three days.

Extrusion & Laser Processing

We used five manufacturing processes, including extrusion and laser processing, to product a mower deck prototype in four weeks.

Stamping & Injection Molding

We used nine manufacturing processes, including stamping and injection molding, to produce a mini-van table prototype in two weeks.

Moldmaking, Reflex Tooling & Electroforming

We used five manufacturing processes, including moldmaking, reflex tooling, and electroforming, to product fifty prototype tail lamp lens sets in four weeks.

Stamping & Casting

We used six manufacturing processes, including stamping and casting, to produce a prototype of this eight-part grill in three weeks.

Laser Processing & Hydroforming

We used four manufacturing processes, including laser processing and hydroforming, to produce a 130-component frame assembly in 15 weeks.

Injection Molding & Laser Processing

We used five manufacturing processes, including injection molding and laser processing, to produce two prototype fascia with 98 components each, along with 125-part tail lamp sets, in three weeks.

Rapid Prototyping & Injection Molding

We used four manufacturing processes, including rapid prototyping and injection molding, to help create a new container product in seventeen days.