Frame & Chassis Systems — What We Know Best

A successful prototype build is only the start when it comes to the services provided by the 3-Dimensional Services Group.

Helping our customers learn for mass production is our main focus and there is no better example than the way we process vehicle frame and chassis components and assemblies. From replicating production weld sequencing and assembly procedures to weld macrographic examination and bushing installation with force data, we are able to provide all of the information your program requires.

We have experience in welding fully galvanized steel as well as aluminum frames. Our hydroforming capabilities are a perfect compliment for full-service support of any assemblies requiring hydroformed tubes.

In addition to our extensive robotic welding equipment and welding experience, we also employee certified welders and certified weld inspectors (CWI’s) to support and review the assemblies produced in our facilities.

With dozens of programs complete and decades of experience with vehicle frames and chassis, we continue to set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry.