Bringing Our Expertise to Automotive Seating

At the 3-Dimensioanl Services Group, we understand the demands of the automotive seating industry: the rigorous testing requirements; the inevitable late engineering changes; and the condensed timelines for product launch. Our experience in supporting and managing complex global platform seating programs is what sets us apart from the competition.

For dimensional validation and function testing of automotive seating, the 3-Dimensional Services Group is not only expert at manufacturing the hundreds (often thousands) of complex individual components that comprise entire seating packages (in multiple iterations) but also efficiently assembling them in house so that production tooling can be developed with confidence to successfully meet critical launch dates.

As technologies advance, so do we at the 3-Dimensional Services Group. Laser welding continues to become the joining “method of choice” for the seating industry and we continue to invest in the equipment required to support this industry trend. We now have two complete Trumpf fiber laser welding systems with 3D PFO scanners for the most versatile welding available today.