Rapid manufacturing of production-intent prototypes and low-volume production components that meet the demands of today’s compressed customer design-to-market timelines.

Metal Stamping

We have over 100 stamping presses, which allow us to support your program with industry-leading turnaround times throughout the prototyping process — from the tens of units used in initial testing to the thousands required for pre-series production.

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Production Intent Assembly

For steel and aluminum alloys, we are your single source for any complex assembly application with 20 robotic welding arms, as well as state-of-the-art fiber laser welding cells. We also have ultrasonic and vibration welding for plastics.

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Injection Molding

Our seasoned mold makers develop precision injection mold tooling tailored to support either production-intent prototypes or low-volume production requirements, including insert molding or over-molded components.

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Casting & Precision Machining

Equipped with over 75 CNC machining centers, including five-axis-capable equipment and work envelopes with up to a 11′ x 17′ foot travel, we machine complex components and castings in addition to tooling, which is simulated and developed in house.

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