We Understand Critical Timing & Delivery

Fifteen years ago, we developed our own tube hydroforming equipment to meet our customers’ increasingly aggressive project timelines. More recently, we developed a simulation roll-form process that enables us to produce custom automotive tubing and complex profiles intended for a roll-form process. The best part is we are able to do this in as little as eight weeks, rather than the 12–14 weeks typically required for roll forming.

Once automotive tubing or profiles are completely formed, we laser weld the seam locations to achieve a weld seam that is as strong as a traditional resistance-welded seam.

Even when internal fasteners such as clinch nuts are required, we are able to produce tubes or mid-rails with fasteners preinstalled.

We have supported automotive tubing and profile applications employing a wide range of materials, including hot forming and ultra-high-strength dual-phase steels. We have also supported programs using tubes and profiles produced from both tailor-rolled and tailor-welded blanks.