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Finding the Best Approach to Home Appliance Prototyping

Innovation in major domestic appliances never stops. Manufacturers battle to attract savvy buyers with new features, improved efficiency and styling to match the latest trends in kitchen design. Speed to market is critical, putting product development teams under intense pressure to get prototypes into testing and in front of potential buyers. Materials and processes that Read more

Why New Products Need One Partner for Prototyping and Low-Volume Production

Here’s a fairly typical prototyping and low-volume production scenario: The prototype performed well in testing so injection molding tools were commissioned. Months later, the first molded components were assembled. Much to the team’s dismay, parts that should have moved jammed. Design changes were needed and the launch date suffered. Understandably, panic and recriminations followed. Close Read more

What’s the Best Way to Make a Plastic Prototype?

Tooling for plastic injection molding presents a formidable barrier to any team needing a plastic prototype or a few parts for prototype testing and evaluation. For one, the price tag can run into six figures. But lead time is often an even bigger issue. A moderately complex mold tool might take six months to machine, Read more

Automotive Prototype Uses from Concept to Creation

When many people think about an automotive prototype, they assume it represents a single step in the validation process between the initial design of the product and the final production run. In actuality, automotive prototyping plays a number of vital roles during the design validation process that culminates in manufacturing. An automotive prototype can be Read more

5 Things to Look for in a Prototyping Company

The launch for a new product is looming. As the engineer of a large corporation, you’ve scrambled to get the designs ready in time. Now your task is to figure out how to move the product from the design phase into production so your company can get to market before the competition. Your deadlines are Read more

New Prototyping Technologies for Appliance Manufacturing

During the prototyping stage in appliance manufacturing, quick turnarounds for low-cost, small-batch production runs are key to iterating a new product successfully. As a result of these demands, many appliance design engineers have eschewed metal prototyping since common methods such as die casting or die stamping are cost-efficient only at large volumes. However, multiple new Read more

Speeding Up Plastic Injection Molding for Automotive Lighting

Multilayer plastic injection molding (sometimes called co-injection molding) involves injecting two resins into one mold at the same time. The core material is surrounded on both sides by the skin material and then simultaneously pushed through the injection gate or nozzle into the mold, creating a three-layer product in the same amount of time it Read more

Improving Electric Vehicle Charging Rates

Electric vehicle batteries have two main problems when it comes to range. First, they can’t yet match the energy density of gasoline, which makes them bigger and bulkier than a gas tank. Second, recharging is slower than filling a gas tank and a bigger battery simply increases the time needed to recharge. (Plus, it also Read more

Automotive Prototyping for Pickup Truck Lightweighting

Today’s pickup truck manufacturers are caught between a rock and a hard place when it comes to lightweighting. They need to increase fuel efficiency while retaining the power and performance consumers have come to expect from their trusted automotive brands. Moreover, this challenge is not unique to truck OEMs and suppliers. In fact, many current Read more